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Alabama Premises Liability Litigation

Alabama Premises Liability Litigation

Current Information on Premises Liability Lawsuits in Alabama

Premises liability litigation is a form of litigation that holds a land or property owner responsible for preventable injuries and harm caused on their property. Landowners are responsible for the safety of persons visiting their property, and can be blamed for torts, or civil wrongs, that are suffered on their premises because of their negligence. No one deserves to be injured or harmed when staying at a hotel, eating at a restaurant, or going to a party at an apartment complex. This page provides information for persons and the family members of persons Alabama who have been injured or harmed on another’s property. Alabama premises liability litigation serves to provide for medical expenses and losses of the plaintiff, and can pressure a property owner to increase security measures in order to future prevent crime.

The Legal Definition of Premises Liability Litigation

A property owner may be held accountable for harm, injuries, or criminal acts that take place on their property if they have a breach of the Duty of Care, are found to be Negligent, and/or committed a Wrongful Act.

In other words, a Alabama property owner may be subject to premises liability litigation if a person is injured in an accident or incident that can be traced, at least in part, to a failure on their behalf to ensure safety.

Alabama Premises Liability LawsuitDetermining Liability

To determine who is liable in a premises liability litigation case in Alabama, two main factors are considered:

First, did the owner/occupier of the property keep it safe? Owners (or in some cases, property occupiers) have a responsibility not to subject visitors on their property to an unreasonable risk of injury resulting from the design, construction, or condition of the property. If the owner knew or reasonably should have known about the unsafe condition, they may be held liable. Also, if they failed to repair the condition, repaired it in a way that did not fix it or that actually worsened it, or did not mark it or block it off, they may be held liable for the injury or accident. A common source of negligence in Alabama premises liability cases is lack of lighting or adequate security personnel. If negligence caused the injury, a property owner or occupier may be to blame.

Secondly, the visitor to the property who was harmed while there must have used the property in a normal fashion. If the visitor did something abnormal, such as jumping down a flight of stairs, and was injured, the property owner/occupier may not be responsible as no negligence was involved.

Alabama premises liability litigation may happen alongside a lawsuit against a third party, as in sexual assault or aggravated assault cases. The Alabama property owner can be held responsible for their failure to provide adequate security or provide rapid response to an emergency. Persons who are harmed on such circumstances are not to blame for the incident; Alabama property owners have a responsibility to keep visitors safe.

Alabama Premises Liability Lawyers

With extensive experience in the realm of product and premises liability litigation, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to represent your family’s interests against property owners, large companies, and multi-national corporations. We bring compassion and sensitivity to our work when we represent individuals who have been victim to a violent crime or traumatic accident. Committing our extensive resources to preparing each Alabama premises liability litigation suit for trial, we ensure the best results for our clients. Once entrusted with your case, our lawyers serving Alabama will work tirelessly to bring a positive end to the trauma your family has suffered. If you or your family member was injured or harmed on another’s property, a Alabama premises liability attorney can help by answering your questions and giving you a sense of your legal options.

Alabama Premises Liability Litigation: Rape & Assault Lawsuits in Alabama

If you or a family member in Alabama has been harmed by a violent crime or a serious injury on private property, you may have grounds to file a premises liability claim or rape / assault lawsuit in Alabama. This body of law exists to protect victim’s rights and hold property owners responsible for negligence or wrongful acts. Whether you have experienced an accident related to unsafe conditions or were the victim of a violent crime as a result of poor security, we believe your case deserves the utmost attention and effort. We provide legal representation for Alabama premises liability assault & rape lawsuits on a contingency basis, meaning that we charge no fee unless we win compensation on your behalf.